Gold Loans

People’s Merchant Finance PLC has diversified it’s product range by introducing a popular and customer friendly product with a view to extend its services to the urban and rural sector.

Salient features & benefits

  • People’s Merchant Finance gold loans (Pawning) is an easy way for obtaining short term finance for any kind of income generating activities or consumer needs.
  • Any citizen who is over 18 year is eligible to obtain loans under this scheme against pledge of gold jewellary/ gold biscuits and coins.
  • We offer you a very competitive rate of interest from 1.33 %to 1.5% per month. This is very competitive in comparison to many others offering this service including informal money lenders.
  • Our Company always offers an attractive rate of advance depending on carat value of the gold/ jewellery.
  • Borrowers can enjoy a repayment period up to 12 months or sooner as they wish.
  • The pledged articles could be redeemed immediately after the settlement. No prior notice is required.
  • Very friendly ,professional and trained staff who will serve you with utmost of confidentiality and privacy using the latest technology




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