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Corporate Finance

Since inception, we have been a leading merchant banker of choice, and over the past few years, we have had a significant presence in the market. Our relationships across investor categories such as corporates, banks, domestic and foreign financial Institutions, central and state public sector undertakings, high net-worth individuals and retail individuals have been long-standing and gives us an edge in our product and solution offerings both in the debt and equity space.We dip into our multiple business and product groups to deliver the most optimal and innovative financial solution.


Trustee services for securitization

Landmark Deals and Transactions

  • Corporate finance arm of People’s Merchant Finance PLC has successfully concluded many loan syndications ranging from mini-hydro projects to steel and beer manufacturing plants.
  • There are finance companies and leasing companies who have sourced long-term debt through securitization of receivables arranged by People’s Merchant Finance PLC.
  • In 2007, People’s Merchant Finance PLC acted as the trustee to the issue of lease receivable backed trust certificates by CDB in 2007 and 2008.

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